Some problems about loading two models

Here is the situation: i added “nlp_spacy” to pipeline, then added an additional model to it, it looks like this:


-name: “nlp_spacy”

model: “…/somePath”

and it worked well.

But recently i find that this “spacy” model is quite the same as the model trained by rasa_nlu(but do have some differences), when i load the bot, these two models will be loaded to the memory at the same time and it takes a lot of time. I was wondering if there is any solution to solve this problem(like to merge these two models or some other ways)?

what do you mean? spacy model is language model to get word vectors from. rasa_nlu trains classification model. Looking at the code, we load provided spacy model only (please note depending on given model, it can take long time)