Socketio problems

which link?

@aymane258 Yes, I have a solution for this, but I having trouble of 404 draft offline :frowning:

@aymane258 share me your rasa version please both rasa and rasa-sdk.

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its fixed i changed rasa webchat version to 1.0.1

imma check if the bot responds in the webchat one sec let me link github

@aymane258 yes, it should be 1.0.1 for rasa 2.x and 1.0.0 less than 2.x. If you are using Rasa Webchat/botfront.

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Works perfectly thanks again. You have been a big blessing :smiley:

@aymane258 no worries, keep smiling and be motivated. Good Luck for your project.

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Thanks alot, you are giving me great hope <3

@aymane258 :+1:

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Hey @aymane258 my rasa x version is 1.0.1 and my rasa x is running on :8000 just like yours. I’ve also added the lines for in my values.yml file for deploying rasa x and have mentioned the url in the frontend code as well just like you did. I still can’t seem to be getting response from the bot in my chat widget. What else did you do to make this work? Note: My Rasa OS version: 2.8.15, Rasa SDK: 2.8.2

@webdev-rohit share your snippet code please for front end.

@nik202 this is the frontend. A simple html index page…not an actual hosted website

@webdev-rohit what is the socketio issue in this as you can see the widget on your index.html ?