Slots resetting in the middle of the story after doing several rounds of conversations

I set certain slot values such as user name and contact details when a user initiates a chat. After few rounds of conversation, the slot values gets reset in the middle on conversation nd slot values gets lost. I have debugged it but not able to find the reason for the same. What can make it happen?

It’s very hard for me to debug without any code given. Just to check, are you setting slots in a form? It might be that the form is triggered to stop by accident?

You might want to try rasa interactive to probe the internals. You should see the story printer as you’re speaking to the assistant which might help debug/understand.

Thanks for your reply! @koaning

Consider the following scenario:

I am asking user to enter zipcode through custom action. On entering wrong pincode i am calling UserUtteranceReverted to re-enter the zipcode. After two retries i end the chat and user have to go back(restart) the chat again.

When i repeat the above step 2-3 times then on entering zip it resets the stored slots.

Following is the code snippet:

>>   retries = tracker.get_slot('retries')
> >             retries += 1
> >             if retries >= 2:
> >                 text = 'We are unable to fetch details for this location/pincode.'
> >                 dispatcher.utter_message(json_message=text)
> >     'action_make_easier_affirm_deny'))
> >             else:
> >                 text = 'There seems to be some issue with this zipcode. Please verify and share it again!'
> >                 dispatcher.utter_message(json_message=text)
> >       
> >       'retries', retries))
  1. Could you share the whole action?
  2. Is there a reason why you’re not using forms?