Slot will be filled by Role late, while activating a form

Hi Rasa community,

I’m confused by a problem:

When I activate a form with inform intent and want to set the first requested slot with role, it’s not working. More specific, this slot will be set after the requested_slot is set, so bot will ask again for this slot.

For example the form is activated with this utterance: I want to order a [blue](req_color) sofa for [4]{"entity": "custom_number", "role": "req_size_num_persons"} people, it give the following action history, this utterance will be validated twice and req_size_num_persons slot is set in the second validation. However, the next requested_slot is still req_size_num_persons, so the form ask again for the req_size_num_persons, even though this slot is already set. And the next message from user to set the slot req_size_num_persons will be then fully ignored.

This problem happens only with slots which should be extracted from roles. For other slots which are extracted from entities, there is no problem.

Tracker slots : {'appoint_time': None, 'req_color': 'blue', 'req_feet': None, 'req_is_placed_at_wall': None, 'req_material': None, 'req_price': None, 'req_price_ma
x': None, 'req_price_min': None, 'req_shape': None, 'req_size': None, 'req_size_depth': None, 'req_size_height': None, 'req_size_length': None, 'req_size_num_perso
ns': None, 'req_size_width': None, 'req_sleep_function': None, 'req_stuffing': None, 'req_style': None, 'req_wood': None, 'requested_slot': None}
Validations : [{'event': 'slot', 'timestamp': None, 'name': 'req_color', 'value': 'blue'}]
ask next: req_size_num_persons
Tracker slots : {'appoint_time': None, 'req_color': 'blue', 'req_feet': None, 'req_is_placed_at_wall': None, 'req_material': None, 'req_price': None, 'req_price_ma
x': None, 'req_price_min': None, 'req_shape': None, 'req_size': None, 'req_size_depth': None, 'req_size_height': None, 'req_size_length': None, 'req_size_num_perso
ns': '4', 'req_size_width': None, 'req_sleep_function': None, 'req_stuffing': None, 'req_style': None, 'req_wood': None, 'requested_slot': None}
Validations : [{'event': 'slot', 'timestamp': None, 'name': 'req_size_num_persons', 'value': '4'}, {'event': 'slot', 'timestamp': None, 'name': 'req_color', 'value
': 'blue'}]
ask next: req_size

Custom Action:

class ValidateCouchRequirementsForm(FormValidationAction):

    internal_tracker = {}

    def name(self) -> Text:
        return "validate_couch_requirements_form"

    async def run(
            self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher, tracker: Tracker, domain: Dict
    ) -> List[EventType]:
        vals = await super().run(dispatcher, tracker, domain)
        # Dynamically set which and how many slots should be asked for
        required_slots =  ["req_size_num_persons"] + ValidateCouchRequirementsForm.get_req_size_slots(tracker) \
                          + ["req_color", "req_sleep_function", "req_is_placed_at_wall", "req_shape",
                             "req_material", "req_stuffing", "req_style"] + \
        print("Tracker slots : {}".format(tracker.slots))
        print("Validations : {}".format(vals))
        for slot_name in required_slots:
            if tracker.slots.get(slot_name) is None or [val for val in vals
                        if (val["name"]==slot_name and val["value"]==None)]:
                # The slot is not filled yet. Request the user to fill this slot next.
                print("ask next: " + slot_name)
                return [SlotSet("requested_slot", slot_name)] + vals

        # All slots are filled.
        return [SlotSet("requested_slot", None)] + vals

Part of Domain file

  - custom_number:
        - req_size_num_persons
        - req_size
        - req_size_length
        - req_size_width
        - req_price
        - req_price_max
        - req_price_min

     type: float
     max_value: 12
     min_value: 1
     influence_conversation: false

This happens really weird to me. Could someone help me with this problem? Thanks a lot!

Ah, this sounds like a bug (since roles are an experimental feature it’s not surprising to run into one now and again). I would file a github issue for it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply! I opened an issue here :slightly_smiling_face:

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