Slot is filled with 2 items instead of 1

I use a form to fill a slot called ‘excursion_name’. When this slot is requested and the user answers with: Tunisia Catamaran Cruise the slot is filled with 2 items: slot{“excursion_name”:[“Tunisia”,“Catamaran Cruise”]}

How can I make sure Rasa expects only 1 item (possibly consisting of several words)?

Hi @Jurjen,

can you please post the content of your nlu.yml and your domain.yml ? This would help us to understand your current setup.

Kind regards

Here’s part of the nlu.yml:

- intent: inform
  examples: |
    - I'm in [Mallorca](destination)
    - We are in the [RIU](hotel) in [Cancun](destination)
    - We have booked the [boat cruise to corfu town](experience) tomorrow.
    - I have booked [Tunisia In Lights](experience) tomorrow and [Taste of Tunisia](experience) on Friday.
    - I'm [Jurjen](name)
    - My booking number is [17](bookingNo)
    - We will go on the [Samana Safari Tour](experience)
    - We are in the [RUI](hotel)
    - I’m looking to go on the [Discover Symi tour](experience)
    - The reference number is MUS1502855
    - We have a [quad bike safari](experience) booked tomorrow.
    - In Arenal, Palma
    - In Arenal, [Mallorca](destination)
    - I'm in Palma
    - I booked the karaoke
    - In [Bolsward](destination)
    - [Costa Rica](destination)
    - [Rijksmuseum fast-track tickets en grachtenrondvaart](experience)
    - [Entreeticket voor de XtraCold Icebar](experience)
    - [1](groupsize) person
    - [2](groupsize)
    - [3](groupsize)

And this is part of the domain.yml

    - entity: destination
      type: from_entity
    - intent: inform
      type: from_text
    - entity: experience
      type: from_entity
    - intent: inform
      type: from_text
    - intent: inform
      type: from_text

    type: text
    influence_conversation: false
    type: text
    influence_conversation: false
    type: text
    influence_conversation: true

I also have a lookup file for the entity experience.

Hope this helps to understand the setup

Hi @Jurjen

Can you also share the contents of the slots section from your domain.yml file ?

Hi @siriusraja Tnx for your message. I added the slots; hope this helps.

Hi @Jurjen

Slot section looks good.

From you first post, i guess that Tunisia Catamaran Cruise is being extracted as 2 different entities and being assigned to a list.

Couple of questions on this.

  1. Does Tunisia Catamaran Cruise is 1 entity or 2 different entities.
  2. How is the slop mapping happening ; Share the code snippet.