Slot Filling using from_text

I’m sorry, I cannot look through all the logs. Could you please concisely describe the situation when the problem appear, and what is happening

Of course.

Let’s say I have a form for reminder, but it is not the same as rasa’s reminder it’s for phone so the bot only gets the slots for time, date, and a slot reminder_activity. The reminder_activity slot either comes from an entity activity that I admittedly didn’t give enough examples for or if no such entity was extracted, ask the user for it.

When the bot asks for the slot, I want it to save the entire response as the slot value hence I added the from_text feature. But it doesn’t do that at all. Instead the bot classifies the new text with an intent and then predicts an appropriate response, when it should only be setting slot and moving on with the form. That’s when returning to the form is also difficult and I have to make the request from scratch.

Sorry I didn’t describe it more clearly earlier.

But it doesn’t do that at all

can you please post here in terms of rasa story, how does this “doesn’t do that at all” manifest itself?

Okay, so it should work like this:

– intent: set_reminder

– action: reminder_form

– active_loop: reminder_form

Since the first slot is the reminder_activity and assuming it wasn’t retrieved from the initial set_reminder intent, it should ask for the slot:

– action: utter_ask_reminder_activity (set in domain file)

Here, it should take user response, and store the text into the slot. But say, for example, I responded to the above with “make a weather report”, in this case the bot will act:

– intent: ask_weather

– action: action_lookup_weather (implemented in custom action)

The slot doesn’t get filled, and the bot behaves as it would if the active_loop was null (it stays stuck at reminder_form until another form is activated, which then replaces active_loop with the new form).

I looked into the logs as well, it says Failed to extract requested slot slot_name.

Update: I figured out the problem. I had mistakenly not removed ResponseSelector from my pipeline even though I have no retrieval intent requirements. If there are no intents with sub-intents defined, then slot filling with from_text in forms foes not work correctly. Removing ResponseSelector solved my problem. Apologies for the trouble.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think it is the issue, unless there is a bug in rasa

the above with “make a weather report”, in this case the bot will act:

what do you mean implemented in custom action? if you want to fill a slot with any text unless the intent is ask_weather, you can add not_intent: ask_weather to your slot mapping, then create a separate weather rule

Maybe not but removing response selector did solve my problem in the end so I’m not sure what to make of it either.

I guess it was self-explanatory that it would be a custom action since it starts with “action_” so me saying that was redundant, sorry.

No, I meant that it was behaving that way, even though the desired behavior is that reminder_activity should be set to value: “make a weather report”.