Slash command not working in buttons payload

Hello, In my application I am using buttons. When the user clicks on a button, the intent should be triggered. So I was using the slash command to trigger the intent e.g. {‘title’: ‘Test’ , ‘payload’: ‘/test{{‘entity’ : ‘value’}}’} I have implemented this as described in Responses. But I noticed that this does not work for all intents. Sometimes rasa doesn’t detect the right intent, instead it triggers the nlu fallback or another intent. Does anyone have an idea what this could be or has anyone already made a similar observation?

Hi @jule,

here one set of curly braces is enough {"title": "Test" , "payload": ‘/test{"entity" : "value"}’}

Once you have an intent as a payload, the intent has a predicted confidence of 1.0. So, if nlu fallback or any other behavior is getting triggered, make sure

  • all the intents are registered in the domain
  • proper story paths are covered