Sharing visualization Graphs

Hi, I have a bot which iis used used to query a Excel data via a dataframe. Is there a way where user could ask some thing like show me the trend graph, the visualization (which can be created on the fly) be sent to the bot as a response.

Example: Human: can you give me trend analysis of last 6 months Bot: Sure here you go…generates the last 6 months data based on current date plots (through python libs) and shares the shame

@tyd @Juste any insights much appreciated

Hi @Sheik. This can definitely be done using custom actions. You could use, seaborn or any other visualization library in python which would create a visualisation based on the extracted data points and send it to the users as a .jpg or .png file for example. What frontend are you using for your assistant?

I have used ngrok and connected it to the twilio and whatsapp.

Great. I am pretty sure whatsapp supports the files to be sent in the payload so doing all that in a custom action should work