Share tracker between two servers

Hi, I want to ask for a question: I’m deploying a Rasa chatbot on a server, and I want to put it on production. The problem is that, say, I want to update my Rasa-core model because I’ve added a new intent or slot. Then, I have to retrain, shut down my server and run it again, but when it’s off I’m without chatbot to answer to the clients. Is there any way to handle this? I was thinking in a online model updating or in two parallel servers, where first one of them it’s updated (and the queries are sent to the other one) and then the second one is updated, but in this case I would need to share the tracker between the two servers.

Could anyone help me please?


Maybe this might help you

I am using Redis tracker store to share tracker between two chatbots in two servers

Thanks for the answer. I think that your code can help me, but I can’t manage how to work with RedisTrackerStore . I’m getting redis.exceptions.ConnectionError: Error 111 connecting to Conexión rehusada. all the time.

DId you start the redis server?

yes, sorry. I’m able to connect from the same machine (where the redis server is running) with the host "", but when I try to connect to it with other machine i’m getting that error. May it be because of some firewall or something?

Probably, depends on your architecture

solved! thanks!