Setting a local RASA NLU only server

Hi, I’m pretty new to RASA. My goal is to set up a NLU only (no chatbot) server locally, so that I can call it from a python script using a http request, run some batch files and getting the intent. I’ve successfully trained and tested a model with two categories, which I have on my local computer. I adapted the domain.yml file for these two categories like this: 22

Then I ran a RASA server locally with this command: rasa run -m models/last --endpoints endpoints.yml --port 5002 --credentials credentials.yml and created a Python script which sends message request to the server using the selected port. I expected just to get the category returned by the model (no need of any other dialogue logic here)

When I run the script I see that my model is correctly interpreting the intent category but I get a warning saying that the intent categories is not defined in the domain (but it is!) resulting on an error in the script. 59

Could anyone help me with this? thanks!