Set slot prior to first message

Anyone tried setting a slot via API before the first message? ie. i want to set the users ID and name slots and then send the first message to rasa so it knows how to respond.

If i do that, it always sends a blank response on the first message and i have to send it again to get the expected response.

It would be great if there was a way to send messages to Rasa with additional metadeta. For instance, send the first message along with the user information so it can fill slots and formulate a proper response.

There is, check this thread.

Thanks, though I’m still not sure why it returns a blank response if setting the slot first via API. Anyone have any ideas?

Over the weekend, I’ve attempted with a fresh bot to make sure it’s not an issue with my stories, no change. So the issue still remains in that if I set a slot via API before I send the initial message, the initial message gets no response. I then have to send the message a 2nd time to get the intended response.

@Juste, any thoughts?

@atxai This seems to be related to API unexpected behavior (bug?)

Ah yep, looks to be the same thing. Thank you! Sorry I didn’t notice that thread earlier.