Set multiple slots after buttons

Hey, I display multiple buttons in a custom action like

 for j in list(item.keys())[1:]:
        butt_dict_key["payload"]='/intent{"slot1":'+'"'+entity1+'"'+',"slot2":'+'"'+entity2+'"'+',"button": "ja"}'
dispatcher.utter_button_message('here for you', buttons)
return [SlotSet("slot1", None),SlotSet("button", None),SlotSet("slot2", None),SlotSet("slot3", None)]

After pressing a buttons the slots are not set to Null like I want in the return. I use core 10.4 before I used 0.90 and it worked.

It seems that the slot are not set when pressing no buttons. I wonder when the return is executed such that the slots are get set?

The return [...] sets the slots before your buttons are pressed. The payload of your button there isn’t describing slots to set, but entities to be extracted. So unless your slots are named the same as those entities, they will not be set.

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