Set a slot in custom actions

My form has three paths with almost the same slots . How can I solve that trick so that I can only use the custom actions to return the respective slots and values .

I am using rasa 2.0

@pitoulambert How do the paths differ inside the form?

I am making a real estate one with three construction types : Commercial, Residential and Builder, the slots I am using are the same but the sequences of the slot are different.

In rasa 1.x we can see the required_slots function in the action so that if tracker.get_slot(‘slot_name’) = ‘slot_name’, we return a list of slots.

How can we manage that in rasa 2.0.

Thanks in advance

As far as I know, the new way to alter which slots are requested is with a validation custom action. Looking at Requesting extra slots in the docs, I think you may need to ask for each slot separately, based on your custom logic.

I went through it, not able to get it ! Can you please show a working example in a project ?