Session Expiration Time configuration not working

Hi @stephans,

I tried to set the session_expiration_time to 0 and after training while making rasa server up it gives following error:

2022-10-13 23:22:32,797 [INFO ]  Rasa server is up and running.
2022-10-13 23:37:53,632 [INFO ]  Starting Rasa server on http://localhost:5002
2022-10-13 23:37:53,648 [INFO ]  Loading model models\20221013-233700.tar.gz...
2022-10-13 23:37:55,632 [INFO ]  Loading model models\20221013-233700.tar.gz...
2022-10-13 23:38:02,163 [INFO ]  Added 'SpacyNLP' to component cache. Key 'SpacyNLP-en_core_web_md'.
2022-10-13 23:38:48,440 [ERROR]  Could not load model due to Domain specification has changed. You MUST retrain the policy. Detected mismatch in domain specification. The following states have been 
	 - removed: action_unlikely_intent 
	 - added:    .

I don’t see an issue in the above log related to session_expiration_time but you should run rasa data validate and review all errors.