Sentence as slot

Hi every one, I’am new to this. And I want to use a sentence response from user as slot because my bot need to repeat this sentence later for the user. Example: in this sentence : “le constat: 230 personnes sur 900 ne participent pas.” This sentence is an intent called “constat”. And I want to save this intent when the user tape it and use it later to answer.

my question: 1- How can I do this, I think this will be in a costum action class but I don’t know how to get the intent “constat” that the user tape?

Later in the chat I would like to do something like: “some talk then {constat} some talk.” where constat will be replaced by: le constat: 230 personnes sur 900 ne participent pas.

2- my second question is how to say each sentence that begin with “le constat” is a “constat” intent. I have tried to do something like : (data.json)

{ “rasa_nlu_data”: { “common_examples”: [some examples], “regex_features” : [ { “name”: “constat”, “pattern”: “le constat[^\s]*” } ] }

I get this error: ValueError: Unknown data format for file data.json

Thank you for your help

You are on the right path with both things! :slight_smile:

To store the user message, you should be able to fetch tracker.latest_message.text inside your custom action.

  1. I think the problem might be the \ escaping something in your json. You can try the markdown format, or testing your json on a tool like this
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