Sending custom data from webapp to rasa

i am using the chatroom app as a frontend for my chatbot, i wanted to add some metadata from the webapp to rasa but was facing issues while doing so, any help/guidance related to how this can be implemented will be helpful

ps. i think i need to send metadata in the initialization part of the chatroom app and then parse it somehow in rasa by defining a custom connecter or can i just use some tracker related method

@stark-aj Hello, are you able to integrate chatroom with rasa and able to chat with the bot?


this is the part where i am sending it

so i think i will have to define a custom connector which extracts the metadata and then stores it as an entity or something but am completely lost as to how i can go about doing that

@stark-aj are you using index.html for the same? @stark-aj you want to store it in database? not get this?

i actually have an existing django app that i just connected it to with this in the html body

pinging @Horizon733 for the suggestion please

Thanks for adding me @nik202, As I saw the source code you linked to Stark-aj I don’t see any metadata key that can be added also tbh I have used chatroom but very little. I always use rasa-webchat by Botfront
There is an option for a custom payload where you can send this kind of data.
Then too you want to stick with chatroom I can suggest writing some code/function to send metadata as the key you have written right now(make sure to fork since the repository is archived).

@stark-aj as suggested by Horizon733 aka Dishant (Thanks Dishant for prompt reply), you can try the suggestion or if you want to integrate your chatbot with rasa/botfront we are here to help you. I’d recommend to use the botfront interface there you can easily customise the chatbot and you can use many other features such as card carousels, images, video, button, links etc for making your bot look like any other live bots in the market. I hope it will help you.

You can even give it a try for this as shown in the youtube link : Rasa chatbot website integration | Quick tutorial - YouTube

Good Luck!

appreciate the help, have actually been working on that now, trying to use the custom data field of socket io Will have to define the custom connecter and other related stuff

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Thanks a lot