Seeking advice on slot value "dontcare" for DSTC2

Hi All

I’m new to Rasa and I am playing with Rasa NLU with the DSTC2 dataset for a restaurant bot.

The dataset has user utterance like “don’t care”, " any part", “any price range”, “i dont care about the price range”… DSTC2 JSON mapping to Rasa would look something like:

 135                 "text": "i dont care about the price range",
 136                 "intent": "inform",
 137                 "entities": [
 138                     {
 139                         "entity": "pricerange",
 140                         "value": "dontcare",
 141                         "start": 6666,
 142                         "end": 7777
 143                     }
 144                 ]
 145             },

122             {
 123                 "text": "any part",
 124                 "intent": "inform",
 125                 "entities": [
 126                     {
 127                         "entity": "area",
 128                         "value": "dontcare",
 129                         "start": 6666,
 130                         "end": 7777
 131                     }
 132                 ]
 133             },

 233             {
 234                 "text": "any type",
 235                 "intent": "inform",
 236                 "entities": [
 237                     {
 238                         "entity": "this",
 239                         "value": "dontcare",
 240                         "start": 6666,
 241                         "end": 7777
 242                     }
 243                 ]
 244             },

The numbers 6666 and 7777 are error code I created to track this type of utterance to catch the problem with Rasa’s mandating for a start and end value for all entities, which, as shown in the examples above, is not applicable for the given utterances.

Currently, the dataset is structured in such a way that the parser specifies the actions based on the entities’s values. So a possible workaround is to create a specific dontcare type of user intent, but then again, I still need to differentiate between “don’t care about the food type” and “don’t care about the price range”… And it becomes a pretty messy really fast. So I suppose it’s better to maintain one simple intent funnel (like inform or request) as is, and lets the slot values drive the actions. So it comes back to how to circumvent Rasa’s requirements on having a start/end values…

Any thought, advice, or just a shout out is much appreciated!