Saving conversations in mysql database

I am using SQL tracker store. Storing trackers this way allows to query the event database by sender_id, timestamp, action name, intent name and typename. But, I want to store more information to my database like intent confidence, conversation text etc to my SQL database.

Is there any simpler way of doing it or making a custom tracker by extending the base class TrackerStore the only resort.

Hi @gaushh, can you help me with storing my conversations in the SQL db via TrackerStore?

I’m getting this error:

Could not create tables: (pymysql.err.OperationalError) (1045, “Access denied for user _____’ (using password: YES)”) (Background on this error at: )

my tracker_store:

tracker_store: type: SQL dialect: “mysql+pymysql” # the dialect used to interact with the db url: “localhost” # (optional) host of the sql db, e.g. “localhost” db: “mydb” # path to your db username: “admin” # username used for authentication password: “admin” # password used for authentication

any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Also, is there a way to require ssl in sql dialect?

Hi @maliha1 can you tell me if you solved this ssl issue? If you did, how?