Save entire user's answer to a slot

Hi everyone. In my project I have an entity called description and it can be of any length and contain any content, so I think its pointless to train nlu for this purpose. I want to save the entire user’s answer into a corresponding slot after the bot asks the user for e. g. “Can you enter description” without any nlu preprocessing. How can I do this?

I think you can try something like this in your slot_mapping function:

def slot_mappings(
) -> Dict[Text, Union[Dict, List[Dict]]]:
    slots_mappings = {
        "description": [self.from_text()]
return slots_mappings

from_text method has 2 optional arguments → intent=None, not_intent=None.

With these you can specify if you want only to take all the text if an intent is detected or viseversa.

Thanks! I’ll try this