Running Rasa with socketio without an activate terminal!

hello there everyone, so i have bought a digital ocean droplet for testing purposes and have installed rasa on it. i connect to it via my terminal through ssh. everything is fine. i can run rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” with no issues. it successfully runs the chat (Chatroom.js) on the droplet ip address which i use on my local server for testing further with ui and all.

issue is, droplets are 24 hours active but i cant keep the terminal which i used to connect to it and ran “rasa run -m models…” for 24 hours. once terminal is terminated, rasa (socketio) stops on the droplet as well .

i researched a bit and found we can run rasa as service and even have the code with steps - First, you have to create a service file in /etc/systemd/system/

nano /etc/systemd/system/rasa-core.service

ExecStart=<path-to-python-bin>/bin/python3 -m rasa run --cors '*' --model <path-to-rasa-project-directory>/models/ --endpoints <path-to-rasa-project-directory>/endpoints.yml --credentials <path-to-rasa-project-directory>/credentials.yml

Then run: systemctl daemon-reload Start service: service rasa-core start Check Status: service rasa-core status

i tried it but got something like no working directory found, so i assume i am doing something wrong with the directory. please help me out.

by the way, my directory where is stored it is literally default, like cd “rasabot” opens the directory.


@aryan192002 What is your actual error?

i cant run rasa as a service, have to run it on an active terminal…which costs maintenance

@aryan192002 Where you trying to deploy? @aryan192002 You can use docker or docker-compose to run the rasa.