Run_evaluation function can not be imported

Hi everyone, I am trying to run a notebook similar to this one rasa-workshop-pydata-nyc/rasa-pydatanyc-workshop-executed.ipynb at master · RasaHQ/rasa-workshop-pydata-nyc · GitHub in the newest rasa version: rasa_nlu: 0.15.0 rasa_core: 0.14.1

Unfortunately while executing the following line I get a ImportError:

from rasa_nlu.evaluate import run_evaluation

ImportError: cannot import name 'run_evaluation'

Can anyone help me with this error. What function am I supposed to use in the current version?

Thanks, Sören

Hi @soerenetler, the evaluate function is now called test. Try this:

 from rasa_nlu.test import run_evaluation

Hi , I am using Rasa_nlu 0.15.1 in python 3.6 . But I m unable to display confusion matrix with below code in jupyter

from rasa_nlu.test import run_evaluation

run_evaluation(“Multiple_actions_rasa\data.json”, model_directory)

Thank you