RTX 3090 , Tensorflow and Rasa

hi @koaning, i hope you are well.

I have a question for you :

I tried to test a rasa nlu training (w/Diet) with an rtx 3090, but from what I know RTX 3090 needs tensorflow 2.4 to work properly. Can you confirm it to me ? I tried to upgrade Rasa with tensorflow 2.4.0 but i got some errors.

In case what I’m saying is true, do you have a tensorflow 2.4.0 support date?

I’ve never really used a GPU before to train Rasa (or … any deep learning model for that matter if I’m honest).

There is an issue open for tensorflow 2.4 support which means that we do not support it yet. I can’t give a date for when it will be supported. You can check the issue for details on why it’s trickier than you might think.

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Thanks for your answer @koaning.

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