Revalidate a slot during Form Validation

Hi ,

Is possible to revalidate a slot again during FormAction. I am using rasa version 1.10.x.

I need to validate a slot again after another slot validation.

Well you can validate the old slot again when validating the new one

Just return {"old_slot": new_value, "new_slot", other_value}

Thanks @ChrisRahme for the suggestion.

I have tried this already and I see only the slot value gets updated. I don’t see the validate_{old_slot} being called again as the slot is already filled with old value.

Does it works for you ? or am I missing something else.

Yup, validate_{old_slot} only happens just after the form asked for that slot and you answered.

But you can re-validate it in validate_{new_slot}.

Thanks @ChrisRahme .

That’s how i am validating now. Just thought of checking if there is an alternate way. Appreciate your help.

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