Response Selector Fallback action

Hey, I programme a bot with has both a faq to answer to but also other actions which should be done over a specific path. For faq, I use the Retrieval Actions / Response selector which works pretty good. But actually, it is not possible for me to “Break out” of that faq stuff and run the other paths at the moment, because it seems like there is no way to of fallback action to get out of that.

I know there is the possibility of getting ranking from the faq list and show there confidence levels. Isn’t there any nice workaround to say something like: If confidence level of top ranked faq-answer is less than x% then go to path x.

I am a little bit desperate, that there is nothing which can fit my purpose…

Regards, Lukas

Hello @DORpapst,

I’m not sure i understand fully what you meant, but there shouldn’t be a problem for the model to switch to other intents if they are predicted correctly. Can you be more specific about “not possible to break out of faq”, does your model always predict a faq intent or something ?

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