Response retrieval models - Interactive learning

Hi All, I’m Using the faq response retrieval model explained in Integrate response retrieval models in assistants built with Rasa article. Sometimes bot respond with wrong faq answer to questions. Can we use interactive learning to map faq questions with responses? @dakshvar22

Hi @HESHN , response retrieval models are currently not integrated with interactive learning. Can you post some sample data and show for what kind of questions it’s giving a wrong answer? Maybe we can spot a pattern and fix it somehow.

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Thanks for your reply @dakshvar22 . I will post that data soon.But Is there any method to train the response retrieval model to be more accurate? like using Rasa X to map the most relevant response from old conversations?

That is also under development and waiting for the feature to mature as a fully supported feature. Currently it’s an experimental feature to gather enough feedback from community around it.

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Glad to here it :slight_smile: