Reseting Stories using Rasa-X Server deployment with Docker

(Julien P Lefebvre) #1

I have setup Rasa-X using the deploy to server with docker instructions the automatic way. It installed a docker-compose file using rasa containers for rasa-x (production and worker).

With a fresh start there is no training data, stories or domain, but there is data in config that its not possible to edit.

I added training data, domain, and stories (manually) but now I cant remove them. What is the best way to load a project training data, domain, config, and stories in Rasa-X using this setup. Which container should be updated with the project data ?


(Akela Drissner) #2

Hi @webgem-jpl, I guess your question is how you would upload your own data/overwrite what you currently have? For the NLU data there’s an upload button where you can upload a markdown file that will overwrite your current data. As for stories, you can upload those via API. And the domain file you can paste in I think. Otherwise it will be pulled out of a model if you upload it

(Julien P Lefebvre) #3

For the download, the API documentation mention that we need the project_id. Example: GET example training data: https://api/projects/{project_id}/data I am not sure I understand how the project_id is defined and where to get them.