'requested_slot' Slotset event returned from FormValidation class is not keeping the form Active

Hi, I am using FormValidation action class to generate dynamic slots in my Actions server. I have also defined the rule policy to activate the form. However, when i return the ‘requested_slot’ from the actions server, the requested slot is set on the NLU with the next slot value, however, the form is being closed or terminated. Could someone point me what I am doing wrong here. Or if someone could share a link or tutorial where

Are you setting requested_slot to None as shown here?

Hello Stephens, thanks for responding :slight_smile: . Are you asking me to set the requested_slot: null under the slot_was_set condition after deactivating the active loop in rules.yml? If yes, then I have not written any slot_was_set condition

I don’t understand the issue. Would need more details. Can you share your repo and the debug log with an indication of where the dialog is working for you?