'repeated_validation_failures' slot not being updated

Hi all! Happy New Year!

I would like to implement similar scenario (of handling slot validation failures gracefully) like the one present in the financial demo bot domain.yml (29.2 KB) . However, the repeated_validation_failure slot is not being updated, despite the conditions to trigger that slot to be filled has been met. I have adapted my codes as pointed by the codes in the financial-demo bot. But, it is not working :frowning:

Can someone plese share some insights?

files are as attached

actions.py (27.0 KB) custom_forms_config.yml (236 Bytes) custom_forms.py (7.7 KB) requirements-actions.txt (80 Bytes) a rules.yml (5.8 KB) nlu.yml (22.5 KB) stories.yml (4.6 KB)

Thank you !!!