Removing projects for Rasa NLU server

(Tanja Bergmann) #1

We are going to remove projects in the next major release for the Rasa NLU server. E.g., your Rasa NLU server will not be able to handle multiple projects anymore. It will just have a single Rasa NLU model loaded at any time.

Why are we doing this?

The reasons are that the usability for the every day user is hard:

  • locally when training models you often only need a single project, nevertheless you need to specify it everywhere
  • the project management parts of the codebase are quite fragile and lead to multiple out of memory and race condition issues at scale (e.g. models getting unloaded when someone is still using them)
  • the implementation does not work well together with asyncio
  • we need to unify model handling between Rasa Core & NLU after the merge and Rasa Core does not have the concept of projects

However, the idea is to reintroduce a similar logic at a later point. To be able to build a solution that fits everyone best, we would like to collect some feedback from you:

  • Are you using projects currently?
  • How do you use them?
  • Do you miss any functionality?

Please, feel free to comment with your feedback. Thank you!

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