Relation Extraction (between entities)

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for ways to extract relations between entities in contexts like these: [I want a pizza with cheese and a coffee.]

So far I’ve been extracting entities allright but, as you may see, If I want to store something like [pizza, cheese] in one side and [coffee] in other, entity recognition is not enough (assuming these relations can get even more complex)/ I tried with a custom dependency parser (the one from spaCy and a few others) but dependencies are not good for this task that’s at an entity level…

Anybody tried a good model for relation extraction, one to train yourself…

Hope somebody did. Cheers! Julia

I did not used it so far, but MITIE has binary relation extraction. I guess you will also find a couple of examples online.

Maybe also take a look at this StackOverflow question: nlp - Need a good relation extractor - Stack Overflow

Other than that you could also train your own CRF.

Hope you find something that works for you!

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