Regex for texts

It would be great if you help me with the issue i am facing currently for regex.

This is my nlu file :-

- when is cat [conduct](month_conduct) conducted
- in which month cat is [conduct](month_conduct)
- which month cat is held [held](month_conduct)
- [conduct](month_conduct) c-cat
- [held](month_conduct)

##regex: conduct
- month
- conducted

I am not able to get response from the bot when i type question related to mentioned intent. @akelad i am already using name:“intent_featurizer_count_vector” Thanks

Hi @Shreyash, your regexes here aren’t in regex format. In addition, the entity is named month_conduct, so mapping a regex for conduct won’t help here. I don’t think regexes should be used at all here actually, what are you trying to accomplish?

I want to implement single keyword response. For example : if I type Month/Conduct, my bot should be able to utter the answer specified for the same. Is there any way to accomplish this?

@Shreyash what do your stories look like?