[Rasa2.6] Multiple entities for one token in test file

Hello, I am using Rasa 2.6, and I’ve come across a conundrum in a test file : In a form, I ask a user to input their phone number. To extract this number, I use DucklingHTTPExtractor with the dimension “phone-number”. However, I also have the “number” dimension, and while running the test, both number and phone-number entities are detected for one number. The issue being, I haven’t found the right syntax (if there is one) to indicate there are several entities for the same number.

Here is the extract of the test steps that trigger the errors in the test file:

  - user: |
    intent: give_number
  - action: business_emergency_assistance_form

So far I’ve tried :

  - user: |
  - user: |

to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

PS: By the way, I had found some solutions for the same issue, but for former versions of rasa which don’t have the same syntax.

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If anybody has a suggestion, I have the same issue when I have to input a birthdate (which can also be considered as “time”)