Rasa X server installation


I have a CI-CD pipeline ready which deploys and run Rasa server and Rasa Action Server on a kuberneties cluster (on dev box).

Now I want to deploy Rasa-X without impacting existing pipeline using helm chart (as we are already using helm chart for rest of our deployment).

But Rasa-X installation also deploys Rasa Server and Rasa Action Server. I don’t want. I already have it running.

How can I achieve it.

Next Question:

How do I tell my Rasa X to choose a same trained model (which has been used for running Rasa Server)

I was looking at the architecture diagram. There it suggest that Rasa X can read model from DB. Is this true?

Rasa X helm charts are open source

You can adjust what you want to deploy here accordingly.

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Thanks Souvik.

We have gone through it.

It is still not clear for me If I have my rasa server running and Rasa X server running. How do they communicate with each other?

Reason for asking this question is - when I run Rasa Locally, I actually upload pre-trained model in rasa X.

What is the procedure for Rasa X running on server?

Do we explicitly need to provide pre-trained model to it? I think currently we need to do this manually.

Can we do automate this step as I want to add this to CI-CD pipeline.

the communication between rasa X and rasa happens through an event broker, in the case of the above helm deployments, it is via RabbitMQ where the tracker is shared between Rasa X and Rasa server.

Personally the helm charts above worked for me. Though i don’t use Rasa X anymore.

This is your architecture

Rasa X - It is interface for managing your training data, models etc

Rasa worker- A rasa instance that trains your model

Rasa Server- A rasa instance that serves your model

Redis as your Tracker store

RabbitMQ - Your event broker

Duckling - for number/currency extraction

PostgresDB - for saving your training data displayed on rasa X

This is very helpful Souvik.

I have couple of more aligned queries. I have created a separate post for that. Can you please answer these queries: