RASA X or RASA Open Source as a HTTP AI

My use case to use rasa for just basic one message parsing and get a response and full intent and entities details. We can connect rasa with Twilio (Not with any specific number) or any other connector but I am not able to get any information about how can I use rasa x with webhooks and how can I just call that webhook using code whenever we want. how can I pass a message in webhooks body? Especially if I have one rasa x server running with socket io backend. can I call hit that server using postman? How? Can we add multiple twilio numbers in credentials?

hi @Abdur-Rub ! There are instructions here for setting up webhooks for different channels with Rasa X

Thanks, @amn41 for the reply. Just confirming we can use rasa open source as REST API and can get RASA X connected with it. We will access it using webhooks as a simple python request URL with the message body and will get intent, entities, and response as a response?