Rasa X not working properly

@Saylee awesome, glad we got all this resolved! Let us know if you have any feedback on Rasa X as you start to use it :slight_smile:

Hi @akelad,

I followed this link to deploy rasa chatbot using docker in Linux.

rasa-x iInstallation path is: /etc/rasa

Deployment successfully and integrated with web UI working fine with basic queries(without actions.py) like small talk. but if I hit actions.py from rasa-x interactive didnt get any response. action file: /etc/rasa/actions.py

I created docker-compose.override.yml for actions.py

version: '3.4'
       image: 'rasa/rasa-sdk:latest'
           - './actions:/app/actions'
          - '5055'
         - rasa-production

and my when I try docker ps my rasa sdk is restarting every time. please find the image.

actions is not working please help me to fix.

Hi @akelad,

success fully i connected rasa x with custom action server using docker image,

issue was some error with python dependencies from the requirement-actions.txt file, then instead of requirement-action.txt i just mentioned the python packages from actions.py file directly in to DockerFile like below,

RUN pip install --upgrade pip && \
pip install --no-cache-dir mysql-connector fuzzywuzzy numpy pandas && \
pip install --no-cache-dir matplotlib

then i created Dockerfile. now everything is working fine.

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hi Saylee,

I have very similar problem with you, my form didnt run properly. i checked in sudo docker-compose logs app it shows

it was pointing to localhost i.e. ‘http://localhost:5055/webhook

what should I correct this error??


Hi @hihalo1212 i dont see any error in your logs. The action seems to be registered correctly. What issue are you facing exactly?

When I typed sudo docker-compose up -d , the bot was not run correctly. Bot recognized the “form” but jumped to utter_slots_value without asked any questions.

I fixed it by typing sudo docker-compose up, then it works now.

However, I am facing another problem, which is DucklingHTTPExtractor cannot identify DateTime correctly on rasa x. when I was using rasa shell or rasa x locally, I typed " tmr at 3pm", it can identify it as {“time”:“2020-7-31T19:00:00…”} but on rasa x server, it identified as {“time”:“tmr at 3pm”}

What can I do to fix it?? Many thanks.

i am also getting same help me also

I did that but then it is been so slow. I also tried to updated it and not working. It has been 3 days and I still cant even update it to my git

Hi @Konan1. What do you mean it is slow? What deployment method did you use? What are the specs of the machine you deployed it on?

I used the quick installation thru a virtual machine (Google cloud P) Specs of my laptop: rasaforum

Can you explain what you mean by it is slow? What are specs of the Google Cloud virtual machine?

Ok for explain it never get to update the stuff on the git server, I have no clue why. I have merged the changes on github already. for the specs, boot disk size is 100GB. I basically did the same thing as the rasa tutorial regarding the quick server install. My project is even smaller

Hi Saylee,

Veda here… I have installed Rasa with docker composer.yml given in documentation. Os Windows 10 and latest docker used. Our all servicies are up and running but while starting production server is gives above mentioned error …as Could not search api… Any help on this would be helpful…