Rasa X not working properly

@Saylee awesome, glad we got all this resolved! Let us know if you have any feedback on Rasa X as you start to use it :slight_smile:

Hi @akelad,

I followed this link to deploy rasa chatbot using docker in Linux.

rasa-x iInstallation path is: /etc/rasa

Deployment successfully and integrated with web UI working fine with basic queries(without actions.py) like small talk. but if I hit actions.py from rasa-x interactive didnt get any response. action file: /etc/rasa/actions.py

I created docker-compose.override.yml for actions.py

version: '3.4'
       image: 'rasa/rasa-sdk:latest'
           - './actions:/app/actions'
          - '5055'
         - rasa-production

and my when I try docker ps my rasa sdk is restarting every time. please find the image.

actions is not working please help me to fix.

Hi @akelad,

success fully i connected rasa x with custom action server using docker image,

issue was some error with python dependencies from the requirement-actions.txt file, then instead of requirement-action.txt i just mentioned the python packages from actions.py file directly in to DockerFile like below,

RUN pip install --upgrade pip && \
pip install --no-cache-dir mysql-connector fuzzywuzzy numpy pandas && \
pip install --no-cache-dir matplotlib

then i created Dockerfile. now everything is working fine.

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