Rasa x issue : ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'rasa.shared'

rasa x version : 1.0.1

@HAMDI can you share rasa --version and also share which version you are trying to install?

Hello, rasa version : 1.10.10 and rasa-x version : 1.0.1 i am trying to run rasa x but it return an error : No module named ‘rasa.shared’

@HAMDI can you please update the rasa version to at least 2.8.1 or 2.8.11?

Please ref this: Compatibility Matrix

The combination you are using is having an issue, please see your rasa version or rasa x version and make the necessary changes.

@HAMDI also confirm with me you are working on the server-side or local machines whilst using Rasa X?

Thanks Nik

i m working on local machines Can you tell me please how to install specific version of rasa x ?

@HAMDI I’ll be honest with you, basically, rasa X is meant for server-side installation but some versions are also supporting on the local machine too. Do you want me to guide you for the specific version?

@HAMDI can you tell me your local machine it is Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac?