Rasa x is not loading static files

Hey everyone, When i run rasa x local server and try to get response from rasa x back to django view using requests module of python i.e. requests.get(http://localhost:5006/conversations) it retuen the response well but not show rasa x front-end view in browser, it says 404 on static files, because it not loading statics files.

Looking to be thankful to the one who helps :slight_smile:

Can you post the full 404 error message and explain exactly what you’re trying to do? If I understand correctly you’re trying to fetch the Rasa X html to use in django?

yes i want to use Rasa X html in django

it says static files, fonts, api etc not found.

Right, so i suppose there are things like images, fonts, etc that we host that don’t come over the API

What exactly is your end goal in doing this?

@erohmensing what is the solution? how i can get rasa x view in django?

@gausie goal is to show rasa x front-end view in django

Ok! Well it will basically never work the way you’re trying to do it. Why not use an iframe?

@gausie i am new to rasa/x and want this behavior to work for me.

and what is the goal of showing the view in django?

so that i can train my bot through django instead of going again and again to rasa x sever

@PureLogics you will have to use the specific API endpoints to do things like training a model and pushing it to production. All of the endpoints are documented here.

@erohmensing this django view works well and return the rasa x view page and show Rasa x in title but the problem is that it does not get the static files of rasa x due to which rasa x view is not showing anything but only title(in the cli it shows 404 on static files).

As @gausie said, it won’t work this way – it won’t pull the static files. You can train your bot in django using the api, note that the endpoints are http://host:port/api/… which will not return the HTML (anything you can see) but will allow you to interact with the api. You do not need to be able to see the ui or pull static images in order to interact with the API.

ok, thanks