Rasa-X Dependencies

I have just successfully deployed Rasa-x instance unto my production server using docker—yeah! But I now ran into a problem I didnt envisaged. Locally, I was able to integrate the wikipedia query package and other python packages like redis, stop_words, etc.

Together, I used these packages in a custom component. In production however, I am not able to see whats going on. I dont know where to talk to the redis and I dont even know if the custom component is working at all.

I cant find the error log and I dont know where or how to talk to the redis instance. I noticed that there is a redis instance that came with rasa-x, but I dont know if I should just use that or install my own that can be accessed outside of docker.

There are still very many unknowns to me…never used docker before. But I think the very first solution/step right now would be, how do I deploy custom component that has python package dependencies and how do I get those dependencies in.

Thanks to anyone with any experience doing this. I am willing to hear from you!

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I have the same problems, hopefully someone can get back to this ASAP