Rasa x cannot get the model

my rasa x container throws this every now and then. http://rasa-x-sertis-rasa-x-rasa-x:5002/api/projects/default/models/tags/production?token=r3dfnkdbjbfdjfdfxxxxxxxxxxxxx 404 it starts fine with the model but after sometime later it gets to this error

Hi @Becram. I have a few questions. Does it occur after you take any specific actions in Rasa X? Does it still happen after restarting the container? What deployment method did you use?

I cannot reproduce the issue and cannot exactly tell when the error occurs however we frequently update rasa-core could that be the issue. Given the nature of the issue it looks like it cannot locate the model at a particular path. After the restart, it fixes automatically. We use Helm deployment method.

@Becram Would you be able to share more detailed logs?

[2021-02-19 03:28:37 +0000] - (sanic.access)[INFO][]: GET http://rasa-x-sertis-rasa-x-rasa-x:5002/api/projects/default/models/tags/production?token=r3SIeZM4bfHus5lEPdfe1lShoTzYeFv 404 160 I checked the models(/api/projects/default/models) there is model with tag production while it cannot access the model when pass the exact path /api/projects/default/models/tags/production

i use rasa 0.33.2

@Becram What do you mean by updating rasa-core? Are you updating the Rasa Open Source version?

I mean we customize the rasa core…sorry for the wrong choice of word

Few follow up qs: Can you talk to this model in interactive learning or via another channel?

Re customizing core - are you using a custom rasa image? If so, what is different about the image?

What is the output of the version endpoint? e.g.

curl https://<your-server-url>/api/version --header 'Authorization: Bearer <bearer-token> '

yes i can talk in interactive mode… if i curl /api/projects/default/models/ i can see the model with tag production listed but i cannot access the model by full path which gives 404.

Here is the output to versions {“rasa”:{“production”:“2.0.8”,“worker”:“2.0.8”},“rasa-x”:“0.33.2”,“keys”:[{“alg”:“RS256”,“key”:"—-\n"}]}%

In addition, I get the following models on query at /api/projects/default/models but /api/projects/default/models/tags/production gives 404

[ { “hash”: “95ca430838d76ca9869a58c24910b32b”, “model”: “20210222-094014-3477cbc3”, “path”: “/app/models/20210222-094014-3477cbc3.tar.gz”, “project”: “default”, “trained_at”: 1613987243.056268692, “version”: “2.0.8”, “tags”: [ “production” ], “is_compatible”: true }, { “hash”: “e05a9b1c416444790e6bdf2c074f92ff”, “model”: “20210222-060611-a9d17224”, “path”: “/app/models/20210222-060611-a9d17224.tar.gz”, “project”: “default”, “trained_at”: 1613974228.1136944294, “version”: “2.0.8”, “tags”: [

"is_compatible": true

}, { “hash”: “59b45e51523f9f9579a89a69d5b928a8”, “model”: “20210222-031313-aeddbb9c”, “path”: “/app/models/20210222-031313-aeddbb9c.tar.gz”, “project”: “default”, “trained_at”: 1613963809.9930109978, “version”: “2.0.2”, “tags”: [

"is_compatible": true