RASA with Tkinter

Hi. I want to take user input in a window (say tkinter window) and give the response to that question in the same window. I also want the program to run in a loop so that the user can keep on asking any number of questions. It’s not just simply Hi-Do_Task-Bye.

How do I go about coding a Python Program to do the same?

hi @Shamim9007 - unfortunately I have no experience with tkinter or how you might do this. Do you already have a first guess how to achieve it?

HI Alan, the tkinter part of it just for getting a window to chat. My main issue is that I’m not able to just run a script where I can input the message and the bot starts responding. I work in an environment where web servers are not accessible/blocked for security reasons. So having this “offline” chatbot will be useful

some of these functions will be helpful! Jupyter Notebooks