RASA with Intercom channel

Greetings from Australia!

I was wondering whether it is possible to integrate RASA with Intercom just like the way we integrate RASA with Slack. Has anybody done this or is anyone aware of some good tutorial to do this?



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Hey @avarna. Welecome to the Rasa Community! :slight_smile:

Just by looking at their API it seems like it’s very likely that’s possible to build a simple connector to hook everythinh up. I’ll play around with it and get back to you once I test the integration.

Hi @Juste,

Thank you :smiley:. Looking forward to the intercom feature!


Can you please share your experience for integrating Rasa with Intercom ?


Still looking for any solutions. Thanks

Hi kmark,

I am sorry I didn’t pursue further along this direction. Hopefully, it will be a part of RASA core soon

Cheers, Achinta

Hey @kmark, @avarna. Sorry, such a delay on this. Looks like you should be able to write a custom connector to intercom since intercom comes with a pretty neat API which you should be able to use to send messages, receive them and integrate with Rasa over a custom channel. You can find a python wrapper for intercom here and a template for a custom Rasa connector here.


Esteemed Juste, I-m carlo and I’m trying to build up a proof of concept that involve some self hosted solutions, such as ghost blog (nodejs), Grakn.ai (for knowledge base material), rasa for NLU and I would like to setup a bot that greets automatically who view the local site … did You have some suggestion for integrating rasa in ghost blog, maybe the right way is to self host intercom and use it as You write from above, may You also can share some already setup example if You have tried already? Best regards and thanks a lot for all also just for reading this message. Greeting from Italy, Carlo

Hello all! Are there any updates regarding this issue?

@avarna @Juste Intercom has their own bot as well as live chat solution. Is the idea to be able to use Rasa on the automation side but transfer to agent for live chat in intercom? It might be tricky as that would also involve queues and agent routing etc. I am just trying to understand the use case a bit more.