Rasa with Elasticsearch

I am newbie here. So, I don’t know the right categorie to question. How to integrate elasticsearch with rasa or rasa has some better way to counter the problem.?

Well, depends a little on what you want to do. What exectly is it you want to use elasticsearch for, e.g. which information do you want to look up in ES. depending on that is the integration of it

Hi Tom,

I am building a bot for appointment with a Grocery store. The Store has a huge list of products. for that list of procedures i would like to look up using ES.

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On a similar context, I want to see if I can use elastic search with rasa in order to develop a chatbot which can take the project and the version of the manuals/document and then based on the question it can return the relevant document and the abstract. Is it possible to do using elastic search and rasa? This link gives my exact question if its not clear Building a document based chatbot

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yash Chopda