Rasa two stage fallback policy


I have added 2 stage fallback policy in my rasa training model but when i give wrong user input it is not fetching any intent from csv file it is only populating something for affirmation.

I also have nlu data intent in which i have different entities so can you please let me know how can i define this type of intent in csv file for populating that specific entity


Here in csv we can define it as news_item (intent) and some corresponding statement .but this is of no use in my case because for every entity i will get same statement generally in my stories i am taking item entity from input and sets slots with that value and generates corresponding entity link .As per my understanding in two stage policy fallback it populates intent for user to conform it or not even if user selects yes it is correct intent how can i get particular entity for that intent.So can you please let me know how can i overcome this case