Rasa SLots to capture any text

Hi All,

i have been working on Rasa for the last 3 months and have successfully created few of the use cases, currently after all the part is done, i am stuck with just one issue. My Bot is intregated with one of the ITSM tools and creates incidents successfully on getting the user input.

we have a description field , where when the user is putting the details of the issue, i will be storing the same in an slot, but this is not happening.

Intent Details–

- [test](description_entity)
- [Outlook not working](description_entity)
- [](description_entity)
- [Test Description](description_entity)
- [Test](description_entity)
- [Server issue](description_entity)
- [aaaaaaaaaaaaa](description_entity)
- [jsddasfjfskl sgsdjfsg](description_entity)
- [bbbbbb](description_entity)
- [Please help me](description_entity)
- [Want to book a cab](description_entity)
- [](description_entity)
- [Laptop not Working](description_entity)
- [Reset My Password](description_entity)
- [Profile Permission issue](description_entity)

- [a-z]*

Can anyone help me in this, this will be very helpful.

Thanks, Pausali

not sure why this cam in a bad format-


[test] (description_entity)

[Outlook not working] (description_entity)

[aaaaaaaaaaaaa] (description_entity)

[jsddasfjfskl sgsdjfsg] (description_entity)

[bbbbbb] (description_entity)

[Please help me] (description_entity)

[Want to book a cab] (description_entity)

[] (description_entity)

[Laptop not Working] (description_entity)

[Reset My Password] (description_entity)

[Profile Permission issue] (description_entity)

I think the regex feature can not be used to define the entity. It is just used to help identify the entity.

The FormAction may can help you. Use it like this:

def slot_mappings(self) -> Dict[Text, Union[Dict, List[Dict]]]:
    return {
        "description": [self.from_text()],

are you trying to say to capture all the data through form action, can you help me with the stories and the intent format. and how do I capture the description to a SLOT

Got the solution, this can be done by custom action itself

class Actionform_2(Action):
   def name(self):
       return "form_2"

   def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
       message = tracker.latest_message.get('text')
       return [SlotSet('doc_desc', message)]
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