Rasa slots mappings with conditions not working with rasa 3.6

I have a slots which is filled whenever a slot of the same type is specified. I tried to add conditions in the slot mappings like this:

    type: text
    initial_value: null
    influence_conversation: true
    - type: from_entity
      entity: option
      - active_loop: check_balance_form
        requested_slot: operation_account_type

but it throws the following error Project validation completed with errors. with all rasa 3.6.x version. However Rasa versions bellow 3.6 are working well. Are mappings conditions not supported in rasa 3.6

Can you provide the full output log?

influence_conversation should probably be false since you’re setting the slot in a form.

I have updated the influence_conversation to false but still having the same issue

There should be more details about the validation issue in the log but I don’t see anything in your screenshot.