Rasa_sdk.executor - Failed to register package 'actions.actions'

I was deploy Rasa with Rasa X on a server (docker) and when I want add actions with rasa-sdk this don’t work and write that : “rasa_sdk.executor - Failed to register package ‘actions.actions’” I don’t know why But if someone can tell me how i can set my docker-compose or other files .yml to make work actions service I’ll take it :wink:

Is your actions.py in an actions folder? That’s where it is looking for the file actions.actions

i have try to mount my custom action file like below

    image: rasa/rasa-sdk:latest
       - "./production/domain/xyz/actions/actions.py:/app/actions"
      - "5055:5055"
      - 5055
    command : python -m rasa run actions  

but not working

Most likely it is because the rasa run actions command is a rasa command, not the sdk one. If you remove the command it should use the default one of the sdk image, which is CMD ["start --actions actions.actions"].

could you say clearly…

start --actions actions.actions


rasa run actions ??

I had the same problem. In my case, I had started a new terminal to run the actions server. But i had not activated the virtual environment in it. The rasa command that was being used was a previous installation from the global environment.

The error disappeared when i activated the venv and then ran it again.

source …/venv/bin/activate

rasa run actions --port 5056