Rasa_sdk.executor error problem

Hi Community,

Why I am getting the Re-registered function error (see the screenshot). I have no idea. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? [Note: all of my class names in action.py are unique.]

@Rifat can you please share your rasa --version?

Hi @nik202 , I am using rasa 2.8.1

@Rifat strange issue, I never encountered such behaviour off action server, because of this you getting any problem whilst talking with bot? and what is your rasa-sdk version ?

@nik202 My Rasa-SDK version is also the same as the rasa version, it is 2.8.1. However, I am not having any problem with the bot (not in chat or in IVR), it is working perfectly. I just don’t know why this is happening. So, I thought to share it with the community. Hope to get an explanation from the experts.

@Rifat are you still getting this error in console?

@nik202 Yes, still I am getting this.

@Rifat did you updated anything in the re-registered actions recently before running the action server?

@nik No, I haven’t. I was working on a different directory for a Chatbot and after completing that I have created it for IVR in a different directory. So that I have installed everything based on the required version. I mean using the req.txt file, and I don’t think that’s a reason for getting this error. In fact, at first, it wasn’t giving me such errors but after adding few classes it is started showing me something re-registered issues.

Thats what I am asking, you updated something in the actions and next time when you re-run the actions without updating anything, do check you are getting the same error or not?

I guess you updated something in the actions, and that’s why Rasa SDK is showing you this error as he again re-registered your function for sdk to run, else if you see on which you not updated, that functions not showing you any errors as such.

This is just a warning anyway nothing to worries as such, but I will keep a note on this.

@nik Thank you. But I am trying to fix it. If Done I will inform you about the reason.

@Rifat Solution for your issue is that by mistake you have mentioned the same function name two times or may be you copied that two times, please check your action.py and find the re-registered function, I’m sure you will find those functions two times and that’s why you seeing this re-registered function. Do let me know please. Thanks.

Hello, @Rifat were you able to solve this issue? Because of this I’m unable to see the created changes that I make in my actions.py file

Hi @webdev-rohit, Solved. I was keeping the old version of the action.py file by the name of __action.py. So, the RASA was reading both of the action.py files and the problem was arising.

Ohh okay, thank you for the reply. One more question did you by any chance containerize your Rasa deployment? I mean did you use Kubernetes/Docker for deployment of Rasa/Rasa X ? @Rifat

Not really. I am using my own system for deployment. Actually, I am creating an IVR (Interactive Voice Assistant), and that’s why I am not yet using Kubernetes/Docker. In the future, I might use one of the mentioned containers. @rohit

Okay, No problem. Thanks for your response @Rifat