Rasa Sara Demo CSV File

I was trying to undderstand how the rasa demo project working using duckling. I found an intent_description_mapping.csv file which i wasn’t able to find anywhere being used. Would like to know the purpose of the file if anyone can explain. Or is it simply a descriptor file to explain the purpose of the intents being used in the demo application?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hey @suraj.padhy.gm!

We override the default ActionDefaultAskAffirmation to be a little more descriptive when we ask the users what they meant. Normally it just uses the names of the intents, but we use that csv to explain what the intents actually do.

can you please elaborate on that a little bit?

There’s not much to say, basically its just instead of asking buttons like:

Did you mean: 
1. \nlu_info
2. \ask_how_contribute

we make them pretty and easier to understand by asking:

Did you mean: 
1. I want more information about NLU.
2. How can I contribute?

If you delete the custom ActionDefaultAskAffirmation, the original one will be used for TwoStageFallbackPolicy and you will not need the CSV file.


Thank you. that was helpful

Sure thing!