Rasa Playground training does not end

Today, I tried Rasa Playground for the first time. I clicked the ‘Train’ button without modifying the given example, but I did not receive a reasonable response. The Playground kept on ‘Training’.

In the console, I found the error message: ‘Reason: CORS request did not succeed.’ Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) blocked the request: The Same-Origin Policy prevents reading the external resource at https://trainer-service.prototyping.rasa.com/trainings. (Reason: CORS request failed). Status code: (null).

Do you have any ideas? Do I need to change some browser configurations or something similar?



This looks like an expired cert. I’ve pinged the infra team to address.

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Thanks for finding this problem. Rasa has decided to discontinue the playground feature for the time being. In the meantime, consider visiting the learning center for more information on how to use the Rasa application.