Rasa open source 2.0 test with confusion matrix as output

Hello dudes, hope everything is alright out there.

I just upgraded my rasa open source from 1.10 to 2 and realized that the cli argument to output the confusion matrix is no longer present. anyone realized what happened? how could i get the confusion matrix with rasa open source 2.0? that used to be really important for me…

thanks in advance mates!

Hi @dgslv, in 2.0 you just run rasa test; this is what it created for my simple bot (using 2.0.5): Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 14.21.58

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Could you share with me your pipeline? how could you be able to name the diet classifier confusion matrix that way?

This is what I got just by running rasa init, then rasa train and rasa test, with Rasa 2.1.0 installed via pip:

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 16.27.03

The DIET-specific confusion matrix is something you don’t get with the default Rasa project (created by rasa init) but that’s just because the confusion matrix is for entity extraction and is created separately for each extractor (e.g. Duckling or DIET) :slight_smile: If your project uses entities, rasa test creates output like that shown in my previous response. No magic here, just the default pipeline. Btw the naming is created here in Rasa code.

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